Monday, August 22, 2011

was randomly browsing through breaking dawn spoilers when I saw her photos.

well, despite what some other haters say about her. 

Have been watching Xia Xue's youtube lately. 
I feel like even though her words may sting, but what she speaks is the truth. 
For most of us out there, we are never fully satisfied with how we look. 
I know we are to embrace how we look like, but if a little hardwork may take us a step higher,  why not?

Okay, just focus on the first few seconds of the video. 
After that, it's all up to you to continue or not.                  :)

Had the very best day of my life today in housekeeping.
Was suppose to be a backup for a housekeeping maid on the 19th floor,
but the manager told me to follow the nepal guy to fix curtains for the rooms.
So I did nothing but laze around the whole day and scrubbing corners for dust.
I sneezed like nobody's business today.
The whole floor was closed for some maintenance job and it was so dusty.

They were redoing the wallpaper and lacquering the wooden drawers.
It was crazy because there was not a single guest on the floor and I was happily running around with the vacuum cleaner and a grouting brush and a reader's digest magazine which some gust left behind.

Hide behind curtains to read the magazine, while pretending to look busy scrubbing.

Thursday is going to be my doomsday.
Amanda will be around to teach me to coordinate rooms.
Am freaking out at the thought of her teaching me. ARGH !

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