Monday, August 8, 2011

it's my birthday !

Had one of the most craziest birthday ever. 
Was actually working in the hotel that day and wawa played a bad trick on me 
when it was almost time to go home. 
Was am in a frustrated mood as I had to redo the whole report for the VIPs.
Then she came in and told me I had to pay RM 73.70 because I attached 
the wrong amenity card.
I was totally bummed and I had no choice but to pay.
So I was in the ultimate pissy mood.
Then the phone ring but I ignored.
And then Joe from Guest Services came and told me that
I had to go upstairs and see the westin executive club manager
because the guest wanted to complain about me or something.
So I had to abandon my half finish report and followed him up.
I was scared to my bones and I didn't recall checking in any guest that day.
Then, he hurried me to the back area to find the manager,
and they were all hiding there with a cake. 
I was so friggin relieved and surprised at the same time. 
Was so touched that they did all that for me. 
Wawa actually requested for a cake from pastry that day just to celebrate
my birthday. 
It was definately one birthday that I would never forget.

birthday present from friends

 Birthday present from mum !

                                                 My all time favourite perfume !

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