Tuesday, August 31, 2010

swirling words in the skies above you


hello! I sold the red dress of mine already. Its cut short now and I’m going to miss it. Smile

But anyway, Queen Sze’s prom dress is for sale yo !19864_233448171383_578611383_3210670_5822426_n16969_239839829738_689629738_4208510_639714_n

please contact me if you’re interested. Its one lucky dress to have.

Sunday, went to ampang for moral assignment. Was suppose to help out at the orphanage with the children over there.

Honestly, I was shocked to see their living conditions. Their beds are all crammed and stacked together, and some even have to sleep on the floor.

29082010201Each of them don’t even own a cupboard of their own. Like us, we probable have a cupboard and a few drawers full of clothes. But they only have a cubicle of their own for their clothes. Like below:


Little Linda with chickenpox. She wasn’t allowed to be outside to play.


Busy with cleaning the outside of the orphanage.



Dad just came back this morning for Greece, and next monday he is off to Hong Kong and then to Bangkok and won’t be back during the raya holidays. Mum is planning to go to Penang then. Miss my grandmother. Anyway, he brought home some small stuff.


Olive oil !

And yes, who doesn’t love nano nano. YAYS !


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