Thursday, November 26, 2009

New moon, new phase, new love

'La tua cantante'
Watch new moon today and I guess it was okay. It's not as bad as what they think. It's a love story for heaven's sake, a story based on the thoughts of a girl. So can people cut the stupid sarcastic comments bout it. If it's so stupid why bother watching.
I thought the effects was really cool though I cringed at the head-slamming-against-marble-floor-then-cracking action, but other that that, everything was okay.
Note to young girls out there, please reign in your hormones when two people touch each other.
Thank you.

Anyway, excuse my venting for a moment there. Walked about, then head home.

Sometimes, I have watching movies like this. It just reminds me of the thing I could never own. Watching it just adds to the pain and light it up a little more. Burning against the fraying edges of this empty hole was bad enough. Everything's so empty inside out....

'my life would be nothing without you'

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