Sunday, September 26, 2010

paper faces on parade

Its been a looooong week I can tell you that.

Assesments are coming up next week and I’m still slacking over here.IMG_1693

Was rushing over the mocktail recipe which turned out to be a cocktail recipe due to some issues. And was trying out many different types of syrups to create the best texture. In the end, I had some help with some really awesome people.   Smile

So, the gang went to ikea, and sunway, and hocatsu to grab all the ingredients and last minute materials that we still need. We spent many evenings together to talk about lots of stuff.

And from there I realised its a shame that I didn’t get to know them sooner. Behind those faces, they hide a treasure of new mysteries to unlock, and all the happiness that you could ever have. Yes, these people have made my week so amazing there was not a second I would spend to think of him.

I guess its right then. When God decides to take something from you, He gives something back. And though I’ve waited long, at least He did not abandon me in my misery.


Cameron highland up next next week. Things are being done so last minute. I hope I can pull this off one last time.

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