Sunday, October 3, 2010

Do you like to see me broken?

Monin cup competition was this morning. Too nervous to take any pictures. But I think some people may have taken mine.  Smile

Anyway, spent the whole week stressing about finals and the last minute trip to Cameron. I have not gotten anything settle yet and I am so scared everything wouldn’t turn out right. I really am scared. I have not planned something so big before on my own. Sure I have people helping me to run errands but the other little details, I have to settle alone.

Its a challenge for me and though I spent nights worrying over it, I think I like the excitement. I am certainly not crazy. but I love every single moment I spent to plan an event especially for good friends.

But I wish this goes through. Everything is so last minute and its good enough that i can hold on for this long. So many hardships were thrown in my way and the trip is just so soon. I honestly hope I can really pull this off.

And I also wanna thank all those who’ve helped me. they were insanely awesome people.

And I wanna thank Karen Yuen the most. For it was she who stood by me throughout the whole competition today. From the beginning to the end, she was there to cheer for me and help me stand up again. I have tried to back out so many times but she was there all the time, coaxing me,and helping. I’m touched woman. Thank you.

To Mr. Patrick too, who have faith in me. Who helped me when I was lost. Thank you for everything. I know I was not the strongest person there, and there was just too many times I’ve shown my weakness but I’ve learned. I’ll be up again for it next year. Better, stronger, and more confident in myself. 



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