Friday, October 22, 2010

you see me as I really am. I’m drowning to keep from fighting till the end


Another very unproductive week. Have been sleeping late these few days stressing again about stuff. I swear I’m gonna get old really really soon.

Went to KL yesterday. Was a really random decision.

Walked around town to check out all the hotels in the area. The hotels are like so friggin gorgeous. (wish I was mad rich) The whole city was crowded with people and we walked from one end to another. I honestly can’t wait for my internship now.   Smile

Until then, there’s no much to report about. The week passed was as boring as ever.

OH, but I forgot to mention I did bartending this week for service class. I’ll have to do service for the next class. I’m starting to hate this class. I can’t serve for shits ! The last experience was a nightmare and just the thought of me made me cringe.

Anyway, there’s not much to say. Everyone is busy with their results and their applications for their internships.

Till then.   (:

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