Wednesday, October 27, 2010

are you too, alone in the world out there?

Major service at college tomorrow.
College restaurants are having a buffet service for some very important people.

Wasn't selected for serving the vvips, bummer.
I really do know how to doubt myself, but at least I now where I stand.

It's either I'm just filled with that kind of jealousy for her, or I am another one of those selfish people. I want to be good, in fact, I want to be so much better.
But she has proven herself a good competition.
For the second time in my life, I am provoked and I hate the way I look all over again.
I know she has good bones, and she was active in alot of things.
And I just can't help envying her. :(
Makes me depressed all over again. sighs.

but whatever.

I'm making this work.

Was surprised because Mr.Patrick put me in charge of the rest. Or leftover
s as he calls us. :)
I won't ever ever doubt myself anymore. I know I can do this.
So yes, am accompanying some people to KL to collect their phone tomorrow morning.
Then come back to college for briefing and mise-en-place.

Saw KY, and Ashley and Julian today.
I just realized how much we have changed. And I miss seeing them.
I can't believe one year is ending.
Before you know it, all of us are working.

I'll stop being all soppy now.
Till then.
cause this was all made for you. :)

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