Thursday, October 14, 2010

Brace myself for the goodbyes


Its been a long week. Am trying to adapt to the new timetable. Have not been very successful so far. I feel old and haggard and very very tired. Thing is, I’m not doing very exhausting work lately, so why am I feeling this way?

Went Taipan yesterday with a few people for dinner and fun stuff. Walked around the whole place and ended the day with crazy laughters. It was great fun.

Anywayy, am now looking for accommodation in Penang. Am deciding to apply for my internship at Penang. Its my chance to live independently. (:  I am fairly excited although I am going there alone.

Reminiscing some old photos.


Hari koko candidWen AiNi Me JenYin



I miss these people very much. I can’t believe its almost one year already.

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