Friday, September 3, 2010

tales of laughter


Went out with the other group to have dinner at a steamboat restaurant. Was a little reluctant to follow at first cause Karen and gang weren’t coming at all. Finally decided to go alone because I don’t wanna die of boredom in college.

And you know what I had fun. And I’ve met so many new people I did not realise before. Didn’t know how closed up I was until yesterday.


Enjoyed the dinner with tons of laughter. And crazy jokes. And honestly, I almost laughed until it felt like my stomach would burst and all the fishball would tumble out.

good company   Smile


Went back college later to play with lanterns. Had an early mooncake celebration. Was equally crazy as well. haha



See what I mean.    (:58342_422842772442_529392442_5386925_752599_n

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