Friday, October 31, 2008

Insanity has driven me to the end

Sejarah today...Damn freaked out. hahaa.. My phone was ringing non-stop yesterday night because I had to open my mouth and ask everyone if they wanted tips. Was busy studying sejarah during physics. Poor poor Mr.Yeoh, I think he probably hates me now. But who could say no to sejarah.

Anyway, I decided to sit at Rebecca's place. Ergh hmm..Yes Rebecca as in the one in my class. No comments please, don't ask me where did I attained the courage to sit at her seat but I did. Well, because frankly my sejarah results is much more important to me than hygiene now. I'm DESPERATE!!! But don't get me wrong. She didn't sit at my seat, but sat at shariman's instead. *whispers a prayer* =]

Sejarah was crap crap crap to the end. I was halfway freaking out before I'd even open the test paper. What a coward..hahaa. Its sejarah for heaven's sake, thank Junaidah and thank the world for the very existence of T-I-P-S. Junaidah ia a nice teacher eventhough I don't even know how she look like . Ohh well, there probably wouldn't be enough time if I were to get to know the whole world right?

Lalalaa. Can't wait till next week. I'm free I'm free. Well not till then. There's still one more week to go. That will be approximately 5 days which is exactly 35 hours. =]

I'm going nuts.
Fair warning to you.

People can change and sometimes,
they change in a way you'd never understand.
But we shouldn't avoid them because of mistakes done a long time ago.
Forgive and forget and start over again.

Anyone looking for an english lit class please notify me.
I need people. =]
whispers * I suck in advertising. But you get my point.

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