Monday, October 6, 2008

What are you trying to tell me?

I know, I know I'm lacking on pictures. But really truly, I'll try to update pictures kayy.

Mum's birthday is coming soon!!! Won't reveal her actual age for her sake. hahaa. Age is just a number... I remember someone saying that before. Its up to you to believe it or not.

School, school is the usual boring chitty-chatty day. Puan lee has decided not to leave us. Oh for heaven's can she just decide whether to retire or not. Okay fine, she has decided to stay. maybe its better for us students, if not we'll be exposed fully under the wrath of the pengetua. Yikes!!

Should I go to school tomorrow?? should I should I. Finals are here in two weeks. TWO WEEKS!! thats like 14 days away. OMG... I'm worried sick now. I can't sleep without thinking of add maths and sejarah. Then, theres physics and chemistry and all the stinkin salts we have to remember....blah blah blah...*drones on and on about bio* And Finally. *slaps herself* okayy okayy I'm awake and back to my senses.

I can't wait foe exams to be over. Seriously. I wish I wish I could attend the loud concert. Hopes mummy would allow. haih... Exams.. Future...* r.i.p*

When would i finally wake up and see the reality that was woven infront of me, instead of deluding myself with a world where I was a stranger. Could it be so hard, just to open my eyes and look. And watch the ground cease its shaking, and watch the black clouds go away as if they were a dream. I want to stop seeing creatures from the past that haunts me ever so often. Lifting their arms out, trying to catch me and bring me into their world of pain and sadness, and lost hopes, and unforgiven grudges.

Maybe I will just wake up someday, and everything would make sense to me. I would live my life as I should live it to be.

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