Wednesday, October 29, 2008

You lied as though there were no rules to abide

Sometimes we hide the truth, as so that we wouldn't hurt ourselves deeper than the pain felt now.
We make the necessary actions and arrangements, and say the necessary words, so to comfort the guilt we carry or we assume that we are guilty of.

Life has its ways, and each way branches out into different paths that will eventually lead to different places.
Everything, no matter how long or how much time it consumes, will still end somehow.
And when it ends, we move on.

We are all born that way, like a mechanism built to move on regardless the pain or sorrow.
But we look forward to the end, for the pain throughout the wait may hurt a little too much.

When we lose our way, we sober and wonder why us?
But we should know that each obstacle faced on the way is just like a speed bump on the highway.
One that everybody without exceptions, has to go through.

Yes, we look back at times to see how far we've made it.
We reminisce old images and rekindle aged friendships.
these are the accomplishments we've made so far, and not to be look down as failures.
And so, no matter how deep the wound, in due time will heal, and finally move on from there.

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