Sunday, October 26, 2008

When life turns, they turn

You think you knew someone but you don't really know what happens when your back is turned.
You were trusted with something and who could in their sane mine would abuse that trust.
You think I did not know. You think I was that naive?
I just couldn't believe what I've heard. How could you be such a bitch.
And you certainly know who I'm referring to.

You aren't in my place, you aren't me.

You don't know and don't understand what I feel.
You think its so cool talking behind people's back.
You think its so fucking amusing to make fun of people. Bitch! I trusted you.
Acting like you were a best friend, acting like everything will remain a secret.
I know you've got all the friends in the world, and I know you've got everything you could ever want.
But until when, will you stop acting like everything is yours.
So, bitch. What have you got to say?
A curse a swear or more backstabbing cause that is what you have devoted your whole life into rite?
You should know how it feels like since you've been through it before.
But I was never in my place to judge you.
And you were never in your low common place to judge me too.
Keep your fucking critisism to yourself.
And all your fucking sucking up to yourself.
Keep your bitchy self and your bitchy ego to your own face.
Oh, remember, not everybody is in love with you, even though you think they are.
And even if they really do, your time will come when you will just rot in hell.
Like all bitches do.

So now I still have the courtesy to ask you to get the fuck out of my life.
And take your fucking pride with you too


whitney said...

woman, chill wei. u okay?

PinZ said...

elo elo !
chill la wei.

whitney said...

chillings woman. are u okay?