Thursday, October 16, 2008

When life gets down too low, raise your spirits up

And so here I am... Worried for finals, and yet I could not put my head down to study what has been taught, and struggling hard to hold on to the knowledge needed to get out of here.

I ended up going to school yesterday, and guess who I saw... Joyce Ong!! Yeap, she was there for some questionnaire about mental health. Apparently she's studying psychology. Interesting subject. All the best kay!

Words cannot express the hurt I feel right now,
the way you move as though you couldn't care less for a thing in this world.
Maybe I should try to be like you....
No.Its too hard.
How can you fight the water currents when you can't even swim to resurface?
I still try to pull myself together and tell myself that everything will be alright.
But how can I lie when I know things aren't going to be okay?
I'm not everything, but I'm all there is to me.
What happened?
Love does not care for the ending, But for the journey
To be able to love, even if it is just once.
By just reminiscing the memories left behind from the journey;
in the end,
whether you could be with him or not
does not matter anymore.

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