Friday, October 24, 2008

These images were just the beginning

Amongst there images floating ahead
They tell the words of those unsaid
Come alive the night history creates
The lingering presence of passion made

In hollow cups filled with care
And chatters filled the silent air
Of shadows gliding here and there
Quietly they moved and stare

Drinked, danced upon the glittered floor,
To find whats hidden behind that door
Reach closer and stand before these eyes
When they take you in crumbling sighs

So close this distance cease to mattered
Closed upon there pages so tattered
To bring them back needed so much more
Pain never suffice to end this sore

There was all that I could muster up. I'm being drained. Didn't realize how much those little words and their simple meanings could hurt so much.

Computer was out for a few days. Will blog later about last week. =]

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