Friday, October 10, 2008

What would've happen if fate, time and hope were to be granted upon us?

Pretty? Yam's hair done by your truly. =]

Was I suppose to be happy about it?

Life is like this big question mark above my head.

Did the light had any oither meaning? To happen to mislead and revealed the old paved path that was hidden for so long now. Was the ground taking in every bit of happiness left of hope, seeping down within the black laden soil. The thick pungent smell of death shades the faint of hearts. And the cursed growth that erupts fromt below comes out into the light, reaching out to grab and pull in. Unnamed creatures appearfrom the unknown, bringing with it a creature of hideous form. Whose face would drown the happiest soul, whose skin wriggled with black thing of the damp. It writhes and twists to free it self from the chains that holds it on the ground. And only the weak and the coward would listen to its pure sweer poison that poured from those curled lips.

Have faith. For only faith can strengthen its bonds upon its twisted hands of rage.

Yet again, another metaphor of what I was trying to say.

Things can just be so queer some times, you never know what would happen next...

And you are just left there to wonder.

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