Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I have so many things to blog about. So lets get started before this becomes a neverending blog. Last Friday was my mum's birthday as mentioned in my previous blog.. Gave her presents and cake. Can't really tell if she was ecstatic about it or not.. hahaa... But thats okay.
Anyways, Ying ying jie jie (cousin from penang ) brought her newborn baby to our house and stayed for the weekend. I can tell you taking care of a baby is a seriously full time job. I can never be a babysitter. This is Kenneth Goh. =] cute!
Hey you!!!*sticks tongue*
We went off to Mid Valley last saturday with Ying Ying, her son, and my other cousin (her brother) and his wife. A long list ehh. Mum came along too. Ate, shop, walk. Stopped by my cousin's wife's shop. Well, she doesn't really own the shop ( The Natural Source ) but sorts of manages it. Bought stuff there and went off again. Its been a really long time since I've been to Mid Valley. *sighs* had great fun with her son. He's really adorable in that baby-ish way. He is a baby after all. Then, on Sunday, we went off to ikea. Walked again, and shopped, doing what you can do at a shopping mall. She bought Kenneth a blue giraffe that sings. Hahaa. Okayy, it doesn't sing, it justs play music like a music box. He loved it so much he wouldn't let go of it. A blur giraffe with orange legs that sings. LOL. The cashier had to practically pry it out of his fingers to scan the item and he still didn't want to let go.
hahaa. Everyone was laughing when he did that. It was so cute!!! I think he went into hypertension. hahaa. His hands were shivering and hid his face behind his mum when we were taking pictures of him.

Kim's little red devil Ying Ying bought for her.

Do you have any idea what this is? Its a steamed fish lips... blueish in colour. hahaaa. They have like super think lips. My cousin went fishing (ying ying's brother) and caught the fish back. It was still moving.. ewe.


And the end of the day, moi

Pretty pretty flats from curve. =] Will never ever ever wear shoes one size smaller anymore. My feet hurt like hell. Mum had to stop by any random shoe shop to buy me a new pair of shoes. I ended up with this pair.

Yesterday tuition. Nobody knew about it. He just placed the chair there with this paper stuck onto it. Its really sheety cause I had to rush all the way from music class from school and to find out that theres no tuition. EEsh.

I want to go Loud concert!!!!!!

kenneth in action.

Ohh, he vomitted there. Poor thing, the place smelled of sour milk. He's still a baby after all. When you watch this, better put your speakers on low. He screams.

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