Tuesday, October 28, 2008

LOuD ' 08

Mangoes anyone???

Hello, excuse the really irate post below.

Loud...was well..loud. hahaa
Walked around outside the auditorium before the concert. Saw Ashley performing with ORD (One Red Paperclip). They were awesome, but Ashley's voice was a little faint. Anyways, the
song was okay. Hahaa. The next band were telling cold jokes after their performance. Everyone stared at them and hesitated a little before clapping.

Spent most of my time walking around and around with KY. I mean practically around and around the whole building. Walked, talked, watched....yada yada. Didn't get to take much pictures though. There were a lot of people there.

And so finally went into the big auditorium and with great difficulty, find seats to sit down. I really love the stomping at the beginning of the show. It really was an awesome beginning. Then, they threw gifts which of course was for the few front row. *screams throw further* Anyways, sat back and enjoyed the concert. But actually I spent my time standing up screaming and jumping my head off with KY.

It was a night I surely didn't expect. Not in a bad way I gues

Mum and Kim watching RisePeople falling off buildings

Watched 'The Happening' yesterday. Me and my sister were mostly screaming throughout the whole movie. It was so friggin violent. In case you didn't know, this movie is about plants that felt threatened by mankind, so they release a kind of toxin that was airborne and everyone who breathes it becomes physically disoriented and finally lead to suicidal acts. The toxins released by the plants interfered with the neurons in the brain, causing man to commit the most brutal suicidal acts. There was one part where this girl took out the pin in her hair and stabbed the nape of her neck. Then there was this old man who turned on the lawnmower and lay down infront of it for him to be run over. Yuck!!! Thrilling.

Its true that I did not know, or even realise what really was going on outside. But now I see everything with new clarity never before. I finally put my head up and realize that this were all illusions after all. To have spent all my time thinking about it, now its just gone. My dream and the very reason I live through each day is now taken away from me. Everything was just so sudden. I feel as though I was robbed of my senses now, leaving me empty and my life meaningless. I finally figured it out, how perfectly everything just falls into place. The only part that didn't belong in there was me and my foolish self. Did it have to take so long?
Was all of them just illusions after all, meaningless acts that brought nothing more than pain? Maybe now, I'll be at ease and hopefully move on and away from this monstrous nightmare.

And so in the end, cinderella remained as she was.
Cleaning the cinders left behind in silence and in rags.
Happily ever after.

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