Thursday, November 13, 2008

What is it all about?

What was right after all?
To have someone falling after you when you are in love with someone else.

Funny isn't it?
You go through so much...
And to have someone else feeling the same way too... Just not the one you wish it was.

Went out with KY last Sunday. Waited for her for almost two hours why?? Because her mom was asleep..haih. Lucky I had my mum.
Anyway, finally met up with her outside starbucks and went to curve flea market. It was raining damn it. My sandals were soaked wet, and so are my pants. The shops were all covered with plastic thingi and we can barely see anything inside. Walked about until the raining stopped and went to buy stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. Well, most were KY's anyway. hahaa
Nothing much to blog about. The hols were as lifeless and dead. Even exams were much mor exciting. I am currently trying to read physics all over again. See how lifeless I can be. =]

I wan this. Its so damn cute!

Last day of school was on Wednesday, well for the form 4s and form 3s. We had to stay in either the AV room or the Music room as not to disturb the SPM sitters. The atmosphere was damn tensed. Walked around, chat, listened to music...bla bla. It was boring, but I'm there to risk the few last minutes of my time.

See you guys next year. =]

I hope things still doesnt change.
I'm sorry.

Miss Beh's charity concert on the 7th. Dancing? Stomping? Choir? Playing the violin?
Yes I'm freaking out. Because I'm alone at practice. Best of luck for me. =]

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