Sunday, December 11, 2011

I can feel it in my bones, gimme sympathy after all of this is gone

New addiction to an old song.

Started playing lyrics legend on a friend's ipad and this song got stuck with me.

Another weekend full of undone chores waiting for me to complete them.
Leaving for China this Saturday.
Can't tell if I was excited or not.

I have yet to bathe my dog, clean the house.
Wash my clothes
Study for finals
Pack for China
Commi on Wednesday followed by work.
Exams on Thursday and Friday.

Then leaving at 3 in the morning to China for a family holiday.
My relative is coming down on Tuesday. I am doomed !

Anyways, more interesting updates will come soon. I hope.
Sister bought an iphone yesterday.
New mission now: get parents to buy iphone for me. 

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