Sunday, May 2, 2010

Its a whirlwind experience with you

silly faces !

models at license to style

Crazy day yesterday.
Went out with Juat and had a good catch up-ing. :)
Walked around ou and had tons of fun.
Laughed like I haven't laugh for decades.
I just can't wait till the next time we meet

went for my first driving lesson today.
The engine died twice. haha.
Was left alone for one hour to practice parking and three point turn.
Parking was insanely difficult.
I kept forgetting which side to turn the wheel to.

My arms are crazy sore from the driving now.
There was some kind of thrill when the car started moving beneath me.
I just love that feeling that I am in control.
Its like a moving go-kart. :)

College tomorrow. Another loooooooong day again.
Am finally going down to the kitchen to start pastry class. YAY !

crappp, have totally forgotten about my geography homework.
Have 7 hours to work on it tomorrow.
wheeeeeee !

Till then.

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