Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lost in your soul, but I had to find my own way out

Whatever other stuffs. :)

Go ahead... Laugh all you want.
I know I look horrible.
At least it was fun while it lasted.
I wanna share my happiness exuding from the picture. :)

Almost died today.
Have 3 exams and 1 presentation.
Screwed Business.
Wonder what difference does a continental style and american style living means?
Anyway, did okay for Geography (i hope).
Memorised all the capitals with interesting methods. *winks at Micheele*
Multiple choice questions were okay.
Did you know we could pick more than one answer.
Mr Anshul is crazy. yesyesyesyes

World Cuisine is now out of the way too. :):)
Leaving Room Division next week and due date for computer studies assignment.
*dies all over again*

Going Genting this Friday for assignment purposes. :D
Can't wait.

My maid is going home this sunday too. crapcrapcrap

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