Monday, May 3, 2010

you and me, we make a lethal combination

What happens when you're left alone in college with a camera phone?
Lethal combination !

Am crazy crazy tired today.
Had lunch at Desert Bar with Suhaila again.
Laughed like a mad woman as always. I love her so much ! <3

Anyway, tourism geography is boring boring boring.
Michelle sitting next to me was surfing topshop.
I couldn't go on the web because they blocked it. DAMN.
Michelle brought her broadband pendrive thingimajigy.

After that, attended pastry class.
Security was being irritating cause we're not suppose to bring bags down to the kitchen.
So, she (security) made a big fuss of helping us by giving us free locker.
Just me and my friend.
In the end, Chef Masyitah said we can bring our bags in for this time only.

We made cream custard with caramel sauce. Yummm...
Tasted insanely awesome.
Who knew it was so easy to make.
Had fun playing around in the kitchen and watching the culinary students cook.
They pro... :)

Class ended at 7 today.
Dead tired. tata.

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