Thursday, May 6, 2010

will you love me like the world is ending

Here comes a picture heavy post. :)
Enjoy !
What better way to say what happened today.

Pretttty rainbow.

Chef was describing how to cut vege.
Girls in chef uniform. :)
Had many crazy laughs today about the tudung.
We had to wear scarves on our neck to absorb our sweat.
Ended up using it to play terrorist and nun.
Almost got shoo-ed out of the library today.
Laughed like a mad woman.

Nick's blind terrorist act
Chee seng's stun face
Poor poor Justine.

They actually had a fight over who became nun and terrorist.
Instead of one two juice, its became ap-ple juice.
They played bird water and stone too.
Didn't made any sense. :)
Lazy Jen Nee.
Me, Suhaila and ever crazy Claire !

Crepe with smoked salmon. <3

That is all for today.
Am going for my nap now.

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