Tuesday, May 18, 2010

To hear those words upon frozen lips

Another zapped up day at college again. :)

I dreamt of you again yesterday. I can't think why.
Until now, I am still trying to comprehend our somewhat complicated relationship.
Have you those moments where you feel bold enough to do anything, until the very last moment you're suppose to carry out the task, you did not.
I have my fair share of those moments.
There were times I felt like crying all night, and let it all out.
To relieve myself of the impending pain.
Was this our ending after all this time?
To be that small fictional character, where you walk in and then out of the pages.
Where your story will never astound the crowd.
Just a player who lights a candle behind the dark curtains.
I wondered so often, have you felt the same as I have?
And everytime I want to ask, there would be this girl who shows up in your life.
And every word I want to hear from you goes to her instead.

I don't think there would be anyone else in this world who would be the same as you have been to me. :)
And Yes, I miss you so.

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