Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the veil between love and hate is thinning

Insane day at masjid India.
Board bus to kelana jaya station and then LRT to Masjid Jamek.
Saw Michele and Lembu waiting there already.
Went to call for a taxi to Masjid India, but they refused us.

Actually, Masjid India was next to the LRT station. -_-
Walked about and bought pretty sparkling bangles. :)
Walked further up to "tudung wonderland" to find the henna shop.

We finally located a smal indian mall in a sea of tudung shops.
Went up in glee and was disappointed by the price she gave us.
it was friggin expensive!
The con woman must have earned about RM140 today.
mean !
But we just did it anyway. Or else we came all the way for nothing.

And here are pretty pictures to further illustrate my boring post.

jen nee smeared her henna and mine. Hahaa.
It was a funny scene. We were all screaming like mad for her to stay away.
Poor Justin. her shirt ended up being mugged by Jen Nee and Sabrina's henna.

Sorry for the lack of enthusiasm.
I am dead tired on my feet.

Until tomorrow!

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