Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm captured by your resonating light

Time time time. The last few days were juz horrible, I mean horrible for me. Everyone was so busy with the anugerah cemerlang thing and the meeting. They were gonna bombard pengetua with like questions about everything I hope...*winks* Classes were empty and there were like so many students walking around everywhere.
Just known a fact that actually shocked me, and it was the last thing I ever expected. Charm cheer workshop was yesterday and it was tiring. And ........
Well I don't want to complete that sentence..
Sumthin is goin on between ppl and I have no idea wat is one is telling and everything else is being in the shadows. And yes one person can really get sick of that.
I know I can get too sentimental what
Please just let me be......let me be who i want to be
And no I'm not lala. getting really bored lately besides having to worry bout my parents reading my blog, exams and sumthing else.
want to try to get drunk lately but failed to do so.
Result= getting a really bad headache and cranky

Mcflurry= normal and nothing unusual, but inside......

hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasort of "permed" my hair...actually its more of a diy

baileys mixed the whisky-ish chocolatey taste of it....some seriously random picture of me....My sweet sixteen fantasy.......

My work of art....on my sis's face..haha thanks!!!!

My once clear notebook.......

People can be so unpredictable,

Guess I'm not the only one being sentimental

Only you are on my mind no one else

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