Sunday, February 24, 2008

One thing remains

One thing remains
So warm and tender
Your heart abandoned
Your wall now perishing
Like bad dreams in cold December
Nothing but ashes remain

To you i did surrender....

I am not what I seem to be
I'm shrouded and cloaked by darkness
held by creatures of the damned
Lying eternally in the deep night
Stars gleamed above my head
Shining hope on those who never gave up
Toxins fell from cursed lips
Speaking nothing of goodness but evil
Nothing may seem to be it
And the truth will never breakthrough
No matter how hard you've fought
I can never go back to what I once was
As I carve for unpleasant temptations
Desire creeps over silently
Something that may not be
For the craving for lust have swept me over
Leaving me wanting of more

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