Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sober for me

Lets reminisce the good old times...................................

There was suppose to be yellow house practice today, but the destination was closed so change to ttdi then school and finally nothing. People please please tell me beforehand about your practice time and discuss it with me thank you.

Exam sucks thats all I can say. I am sooooo doomed. Filling my head with little thoughts now and then again. All those subjective questions like moral and sejarah..oh ohh and bio are filled with shrap (as tan ying calls them). Missed her randomness and humour. She called me just last Wed and we talked for one looooooooooong hour bout flirts and fluts and florts.....well ya stuff like that and bout determining tha gender of her latest burfday pressie, a hamster name oreo.... Why oreo, no idea but its quite a gud name though for a hamster. haha. lol

Thursday physics tuition and every other thursday night from now on... Funny yam pey and random me. By the way, do you know that the british language for decceleratinng is retardation..hahaha. yes so instead of saying deccelerate we say retardate.haha

So tired from thinking bout everything and studies as well. workbooks.workbooks.workbooks.
Exam finished yesterday and people went to 1u. And did I go..noooooooo.And why because my mum wants me to stay home and sleep.BAH. sleep????

Chinese tuition today and more studying...urgh. So eager to go out and shop shop shop.
23rd of march go to cineleisure to watch charm cheer competition and some other international teams perform.... not sure what time is it though....please do infrom me of anybody knows...thank you

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