Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Staying sixteen forever and ever

My phone and cousin'sPoms-poms on my table..wow look at them...hahaa

Full of sheety tuitions and can you believe that I can't wait to go to school again. Yess i know I can't believe that I'm saying that. Oh by the way, I finally bought the twilight saga...haha so happpiiie MAN!!!! I have finally own it. Well except the third book la, just wait..I am gonna get it. LOLS..

Dad is getting into tempers these days...jeezz, gonna give him the silent treatment..
My cousin's name for your information. hahaa we were having dinner then there were like massive amounts of carrote left over so we took it and started cutting shapes..haha lolhahaa, both of us just being fabulous. Got a little bored so started doing stuff with my art block and a marker pen...
My cousin was like snapping away telling me to look where I'm suppose to look. Desperate people calls for desperate times..we were bored of our bones....wait does that even sound right??

Haaha yes Edward Cullen the fictional character in a book. I just love the way he is being described and what he went through for someone he loves but cannot be with..okay m

ay be being obsessive over him, but what can you do bout it.haa

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