Saturday, March 29, 2008

Heyy, its all over for me

My super super cool medal..

Sports Day has finally come and passed. Oh, its too quick....time passed too quick. First there I was practicing my butt for competition and now its all over. All there is left is next year...

I'm really gonna miss cheer. Oh ya, Did YOU KNOW??? Yellow house got 1ST.. helllllo can you believe it. Its the first time. Thanks to all those yellow house cheerleaders out there and aisya and yasmin for choreographing and juliet for that super basket toss and for everyone who worked hard to make it perfect. hahaa I just can't stop smiling thinking bout it. When I went up to get my prize Puan Zubaidah was like giving me the medal and I had to bow really really low. Then I forgot to shake hands and Ashley was like shake hands shake hands and giving me that sarcastic look.. LOL. Puan Zubaidah's hands was like suspended in mid-air.

The sad thing was green house got last. I don't know how and I don't know why.. We were like numb cuz we don't know should we be rejoicing or not. sheeetzzz those teachers.


But overall I had a good fun. Wanted to cheer for tarik tali but we me juat lee and dong didn't want to burn under the sun so we ended up taking red house umbrella with the shiny stuff and 5 words all over it..hahaa. When we got there everyone was like heyy thats ours and were fighting for it..hahaa lol. It was soo funny. Dong went running to find it.

Had awesome pictures of everyone. Well not practically everyone. I really want to see the video of us again. I loved it. Especially Juliet's pike basket toss. YAY!!!!!!
Nazar in a funny flying turtle like outfit for green house. He was out mascot... He was flapping his "wings" everytime we cheered. FUNNINYADidn't get to take a picture of Hong Onn. Her sepanduk outfit was really really nice. Like some fairytale princess or the sort. Her sandals were like few inches high. How in the world did she walk.
Joo Yi, me and Yam's eyes

Us and red house= Charis and Nabilah

Me and Charis...really like the light effect thingi

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