Thursday, March 20, 2008

Devouring time

Time has long past and I'm back on..lols
Whitney is busy with her big sweet sixteen burfday bash and so is kar yee. Oh and I got back my add maths paper and well.....I sucked in it. O ammm geee, I got like one digit only..Can you believe that?? hahaa. Sports day is coming up and I have like loads of things to do. And now knowing that my blog is on private..( haha I didn't know that before) I've got loads of things to write. And I mean really banyak banyak things....

Yellow house pom-pom..well lets just say that the outfit is damn freaking expensive and not to say ugly too!!! Omg what the hell is wrong with this people and I am sooo mad right here because I am payiing a hundred bucks for something that I will never in my life ever wear again!!! And all this is thanks to who?? oh well I bet that person should know. All she does is just say pay me RM 130..for what?? clothes.. no size no options or even try asking what do others think and she just goes off and buy it without even asking my opinion. I don't even think that she tried wearing it. Tights from zara for about Rm 80. Money drop from the sky???? fro you maybe but not from me k. And that bloody woman, just so you know that you are sooo preety doesn't mean that you have to put yourself infront all the time and I meant alllllllll the time. You think you are the flyer and you get all th fame and everything but you know what...thinking of you standing up there is the pits!!! stepping on me with your damn heavy body...lucky I will never have to do it again....what is your damn problem??? Give other people a damn chance k!!! jeez damn it. I am so angered by all these stuff and yet so worried by it too. Then what, I am also like some messenger, no credit for texting other people to tell them got practice but got enough for your boyfriend... What is this. And I have to waste my bloody credit to tell everyone got practice then later you tell me that practice is cancelled. Are you even human at all??? Telling me to do all this when this is suppose to be your job as captain. Then what, I have to help all of YOU to make your pom-pom because??? you all don't know how to do?? teach la damn it. dun know how...I'll teach you!! Go home and start crying to your friends and start bitching bout me cuz thats all you ever do besides chasing for fame and boyfriends. I have to do all your dirty work and you never gave me a single credit. Thank God I am still human and i can still take all your work and do it with a fake smile on my face, laughing with you all, thinking everything is right with this world. You have no privileges for nothing at all cuz you are just a minor..I tell you. A minor and please, I am not something you can push to just because you don't want to do it.

Urgh.....the anger

I pierced my ears yesterday...why?? I know my mum doesn't let me but I still do it. This is the first time I did against her will. I always thought that I will accomplish something great and feel great but all I felt was the pain and worry that she may have found put that I did it. I did something that did not make me feel better or more powerful of the sort but guilty. but anyhow, whats done is done. And pray that she never finds out.

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