Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Anger swallowed her up and showed her things she never was suppose to see

I'm tired and sore and tired and sore....from???? practice and making poms-poms and practice and dancing and fighting and....urgh!!!! Why does these people have to make cheerleading so freaking unpleasent..damn it!!! People are so freaking irresposible..I have ended up doing all their freaking dirty work!!! FUCK IT kayy...I dun care hell anymore. I been in this sport much much longer than you and you dare to say that I'm not doing it right. What about you?? So if you forget its fine, if your friend forget its fine..WHAT IS THIS. You being what ..Oh UNFAIR. heard this word before...huh??? I bet you do. And because of all this you are DAMN hurting everybody...everyone is tired kayy. we are not some like working machine or something. You don't have to keep rolling your eyes..I get your damn point...JEEZZ DAMN IT. I am so fucked up right now and I juz have so many things to say right now these words are juz pouring out. JUZ LIKE THAT.. And I really hope you see this so you will get fucked up too and know how I feel. I'm tired and I have nothing more to say.

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