Saturday, March 8, 2008

your presence reincarnates my once dead soul

CHOOOO results are sooo going down the drain.
I am sooo angry at everything and everyone around me and I hide myself for soo long I forgot how to be really happy anymore. I can't stay angry all the time because then I will be my past self again...which I am trying to avoid now. results now are making me sooo depressed... life itself is making me soo depressed. I tried. No matter how much I change on the outside, its still me and I hate it. I try hard, really i do.
i'm boiling up and no one can stop me now.
haih. first before i go, I must tell whitney and yinky this...You guys are everything to me, please dont leave me in school alone k!!!!!
Sweet sixten burfdays going round, seems to be the talk of everyone these days.......

Just seeing you from afar makes my heart content

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