Sunday, March 9, 2008


Is the world being harsh on me or what these days..
It wasn't even my freakinn fault and ypu have to like what avoid me all day like I am some kind of a damn plague..then you later ask me to help you find your freakin shit book.
What do you take me for huh?? some thing dat will let you put your anger on and then do your it yourself and don't even try to act like nothing is going on. DAMN IT!!!!!!

I wish there was someone whom I could have fun with, my one friend i could confide in , camwhored with, go out with and celebrate with. Just that special someone who will always be with me and let me in on everything. Someone who will mean the world to me. Just absolutely everything. It will just be us against the world. Just when I thought I found one, shes someone else already.

"roses and butterflies"
Tomorrow is music exam. The exam that I have been trying to squeeze my time into. And finally tomorrow its going to be over..lolss
Got into a sort of fight with mum and dad today. Over costumes for pom-pom. haha lol
Had to pay aisya RM130 for outfits from zara..and I dun even know how it looks like and of it even suits me.....
The depths i go for cheerleading. Dad was like dun need to join at all, quit because he doesn't want to pay that kind nof money and starts lecturing me on spoilt kids..DAMN IT!!!! whats ur damn problem??? everything i do comes with a price. Its not me who decides k.

I have finally fallen in love and I am sure dis time. I know we may never be cuz I'm not much of a someone. But talking to you and seeing you from afar makes my heart content.This is a secret i keep to myself. I will tell when it' s time.

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