Saturday, March 15, 2008

I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with you

I am in love?? yess hahaa. Random isn't it??
School is finally starting and my boring days are sooo over. Can't wait for sports
I am so addicted to twilight and new moon. I just love I mean lurve to read gthem all over and over again..lols

I'm still very angry at some certain person which I think Lai Yee would only know but I hope that she won't tell annyone though.

Yesterday at art class, hahaa the fun of it. I finally finished my strawberries and my 3 picture art.. Then we had another assignment, and that is paint something really random. I'm serious bout the random part..hahaa. Me and TamTam were like picking up paintbrushes and just paint TamTam was like painting big big colour bubbles and I was painting random spikes all over the place....Then I added strawberries and Lai Yee said they look like evil strawberries...So in the end, we just wasted paint and time but needless to say it was really fun. Lai yee drew funny cactus with an egg for a least that is what I think it is....LOLS.


The reign of evil strawberries by gwen.. =)

Tonight is JunYen's big BIG burfday bash and everyone, well nearly everyone was talking about it. With catering and semi-formal so poshy..The way I would like to put it. Everyones excited bout it...I may not really know her well but hey...



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