Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I've been there for you

Went to The Curve to watch the Charm Cheerleading Chanpionships last Sunday.. It was packed like shit...Didn't get to see anyone except Zoe and Kar Mun. LOLS Went there with Peir Ee since no one could go with me... Had my haircut and ate at KimGary.. It was expensive shittzz. Never again am i going there without my mum...lols. Went round everywhere watch a little of cheer then walk then go back then walk again.. We passed by the flea market dont know how many countless times..Then in the end we sat at Starbucks and talked like that for one and a half hour...hahaa. Saw Weng Keong and Wei Sheng too....Don't really know them though. We're walking alone.... And it started raining so me and Peir Ee walked under the rain to our car and home. The end. Not much of a story, well who asked you not to go ...hahaa

Btw, I made six poms-poms in two days... SIX!!!! Well okayy my maid did help me.. =)

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