Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fading into you

haziq whitney yinky

Valentines day was last thursday... Didn't see as much roses as last year. Where are the guys hiding?? lol

Exams are coming in two weeks time and theres cheerleading to worry bout somemore. Its a wonder that I could still keep up wit things around here. My timetable is just soo....packed.

I am just soo frigggin randon these days..wait no its more to emoing most likely. Emo
dadieee and big jiee jieee

randomly pushing around heehee =)

My poor poor ankle still hurt though....still really swollen and as much as I would just like to keep my damn mouth shut, I cringe every single time my feet is placed on the ground. Everytime i jump or even put weight on it, the pain shot up is unbearable. I still won't admit I'm whiney because it hurts damn alot. Maybe my ankle is the one causing my emoness. Ow.

Yesterday after chemistry tuition, went with mum to her dinner with friends. And you know what, naughty me drank her glass of wine and every single drop in it. Felt a little hot, and my brain is throbbing. lol in a way to put it.

Please understand how I feel, I'm not easily understood.

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