Sunday, February 3, 2008

Let me lay down on you and hear your heart beating knowing you are there

Friday......larian emas day....damn tiring...o aam gee Sprain mee hurt
Went back early to yinks house after the race....was damn tired. Washed my hair in the was a funny scene then went back to school for cheer. Things could not get any worse in cheerleading...I see the team spirit going away...taking step by step further away from us..

Where has the joy and fun gone???
Where is the passion in each of us, the togetherness that is suppose to bond us together closer.

I feel damn disappointed beacause I am no longer one of them..All i could do was reminiscence the time I got to get out there on the blue mat and perform and hear everyone scream and cheer us. it was an awesome feeling. now, i could only sit by the stand and watch down below as those cheerleaders perform their hearts out. Enjoying every moment, taking in all the screaming and spirit there is in the hall.

I was dead tired yesterday. had music lessons then chinese.
Sorry to say it but I don't really like going to miss beh's house anymore..Seeing a particular girl makes me wanna scream my head off in front of her. *slappp* Thats what i want to do to her.

not doing anything this chinese new year so for anybody who wants to hang out with me please do say so. The distance is getting bigger and bigger already..can it still be closed.

Tomorrow all cheerleaders are to go to the coach's gym and i can't go. i'm done with everything.

Read finish "Twilight"..... One of the hot novels going round. It can be sooo addictive. Don't everyone wishes that happen but of course....thats silly isnt it.

I opened my heart for you and i will never openmy eyes
I never want this dream to end eventhough i know its not true......

Books can be soooo seductive =)

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