Thursday, January 31, 2008

I see you even when i close my eyes and lay my head down, I dream of you

Chinese New year celebration today...It was damn freaking crowded...and ya the performance were okay..but the thing is they had it after recess in tempat rehat...why??
I have no freaking is everyone going to seee haiyo....

Yinky kept wanting to walk around and Whitney wanted to stay and I don't know what I want to do anymore...I have just been following round and feeling sorry for myself but can't leave these two alone...
I was called to see the diciplinary teacher today...why???
Because some idiot didn't see me for two seconds and wrote my name ponteng sekolah for 3 periods!!!!! Helllo blind ahh...I was sitting beside him the whole time....OMG I wanted to freak out when Encik Siva called my name...I'm a good girl...really...I hate him now...forever and ever

I hate him for sending me into problems that didn't involve me at first!!! Hate you forever

Some fight went on today because an orange fell into steph's eyes....It hurt ya...
Everyone were like fighting or more of a pushing and arguing with the malays..hate them
Trying not to be racist but they are uncivilized monkeys...those fom twos in my school..
Some can be soooo sweeet but these certain amount of people are just wrong wrong wrong.

I can get a lil green eyed but its no big deal right?? If anything falls on me I'll just say to myself...walk away and wash it off...and nothing else happens...haih..

Its such an emo day...Everyone was being emo...I was for a while back there....ya
Made smeone hated me because I ate something that belonged to them...Buy back for you larr damn need to get sooo huffy bout it...sheesh...

I don't know whether you are of importance to me anymore...
I saw your back and I smiled and said secretly to're mine

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