Saturday, February 28, 2009

Love me
Anyone interested in going?
I heard one red paperclip will be performing there. :)

Lets see..
Either than the fact I'm still going to brag about my seemingly long dreary life, I am not going to whine about it today. *gives a smug smile*
I'm still reading twilight for the fifth time.
It seems that I just can't put it down until I memorise every word on every page.
The story is just so beautiful, so surreal, so captivating.
And I love every single part of it.
Too bad life isn't a fairytale or a dream.
And nothing is going to just pop out of a page of a book.
What am I trying to say?
Hmm.... We should pretty much learn the fact that we make the fairytale.

Sometimes, don't we wish everything would just be different for us?
Or maybe that we would get suck into this world of illusions.
And we'd never have to go through all those pain?
Perhaps so...

"besides, friends don't let friends drive drunk"
"you were obviously intoxicated by my presence"
"i guess i can't deny to that"
or more or less.

Still so irrevocably in love with you. :)

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