Sunday, February 22, 2009

Reality or dreams, your choice

Lala doodoo.
Exams are next week.
Haih, my first form five exam. Memorable, won't it be?
I'm loaded with tons of things to do, like the art project which I should have started last two weeks.
I'm already two weeks late with my painting.
I haven't started my moral project yet. Though that would be negotiable cause the teacher lost my project.
SPCA does not want to reply to our letter. And we cannot start out sivic project.
Puan Tang officially hates me now.
I am so so tired.
Emphasized on the double so.
My stupid windows live messenger is not working like it should be.
I wan to watch KIZU right now.
AND, I can't to solve these problems of mine that has gradually become a burden to my soul.
Can't someone take it all away?

I'm still in love with the fact that I know somehow, reality will become better than dreams.

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