Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Masquerade? The face of the night

Well, the chinese new year hols have ended before you even knew it.
And now, its sports day to look forward to and the march hols. :)
Exams are coming so soon already.
Where has the time gone.
Anyway, Sunday night. Party. Or should I say, gathering?
It was quite a disaster. Really!
We couldn't find a venue so ended up using Tze Wei's house.
But she had to visit her grandma first. So I ended up worrying my nerves away for an hour and finally made my mind to wait at Khei's house to ease my nerves.
Turned out many people could not come because of the family dinner thing.. yada yada.
If I said it was one of Miss Beh's class at a different place, everybody will probably come rushing.
I guess thats how it is.
I was quite disappointed because things didn't turn out the way I thought it would.
For starters, people couldn't come.
Then, we didn't have much time to do anything.
So we ended up eating and playing two of the games that I have planned.

Haha, After the charades which was damn funny, we played some passing game.
They didn;t want to eat the disgusting stuff and ended up throwing the stuff at each other.
Ohh, Jie Eu looked really funny when she had to eat the
marshmellow/rojak/milo/wintermelon juice/black sauce/pepper
Kenzo won most of the prizes.
Lucky day for him I guess.
But, had to eat an extra big marshmellow.
He actually said it was okay.
Note: put in lots of wasabi and chilli sauce
Me and WenQi's mask.

Me and Khei Qi
a friend you never knew you could have.

My wonderful wonderful co-organiser
big rounds of applause!!!

Me and Khei Sze
All smiles

Kendrick (super guitarist) Alyssa and me.
He did the drifting thingi at the HLMS concert.

Khei Qi again.
She insisted I wear the cap/hat/head thingi

Khei Sze. :)

People yo!!

Alyssa, you looked really pretty that night

the cap thingi

me and Tze Yi (boy boy)
And the awesome host, Tze Wei.
Thank for everything


Me and co-organiser


Oh, and this is dedicated to WenQi for the wonderful presents everybody recieved.
Although its not much but it was from the thought.
Thank you!!!

And when I thought things were going to be alright
They move away from me.
And when I thought these days are going to be okay
The skies change into a darker hue.
And I became lonelier each day as I step out into this world.

When I look out each morning
I watch these memories flood by me
Like tidal waves washing me over
And then I realise
It wasn't all that I thought it was

FYI: it was elmo's birthday yesterday :)
ELMO!!!!! We love you

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