Friday, February 27, 2009

Time was never mine to began with

Sister's random idea.

You don't want to know what this cat was doing.

Hello, it's been a loooooong week. I know. Hahaa
My add maths and malay are screwed. Not to mention moral too.
Screw you, xxxx!! No names please. You already know who I meant.
Haih, at least now that exams are out of the way.
I have another list of undone things.

Stupid moral project.
Stupid SPCA. Ignorant non-government society. They still refuse to reply me.

And then theres prom to think about. Seriously people, can anyone help me at all???
Stress, stress, stress.
I've set up a blog. Its
Please go look it up and give me your opinion.

It shouldn't be hard for you people to just move your sissy little fingers right.
Life sucks.
For now I guess.

Time should be up
Cause I tried to stay but I can't
How long will these walls hold up
Before it crumbles all again

I see your brown eyes
that sparkled within the light
who would've know this longing
has yet to take flight

how much longer can this be dragged
when we all know this will never end

Sometimes I wonder was it all just a game to you
to lose myself for one thing I will never know its worth
maybe it was my fault
to let myself believe
to let myself be consume by all this nonsense
I'm tired
but how could I just lay down
knowing you will just somehow find your way into my head
no matter what
and though I keep myself occupied
these little thoughts of you
will just come lurking out
I guess
I just haven't learn to let go
eventhough I know
time is coming to an abrupt end
maybe I will learn how to survive this
just maybe

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