Friday, February 13, 2009

A new day, a different world

People, be enthusiastic bout sukan tara.
Students and their spirits nowadays. Something to sigh about.
Anyway, my whole body is aching and sore.
Cheer can be a little overrated for me.
But nonetheless, its still as awesome as ever.
Must think of merchandising, good luck to the marching people.
And rocking horses in red is cute. Not fair.
Hmm... does not work very well does it.
Will try something else. SOON.
Meanwhile, yellow house people. Keep your spirits up.
Theres more than meets the eye.
We shizzle. :)

To watch this day that goes by, like any other day, just can't seem to make things easier.
To wonder with this burning curiosity is aching.
To be able to hold on for so long is a courage gone through.
So what more is there still left to do?

How much complication is there still undone, unfinished?
Leaving this wide open space in between, filling it dully with sorrowful tears and empty hearts.
To watch them discreetly, behind shadows...
To listen to their soft voices, whispering amongst themselves...
Was enough to inflict pain without a blade.

Had it been easy so far?
Just to walk through this journey, but never reaching the end?
Because just having to walk through endless miles was enough to tear one's soul down.
After all, how much more could still be taken?
Before grief reigns
And the still air of the night is filled with soft prayers, whispered gently with the wind that blew.

So its hard to gone on and listen about things you don't wanna hear.
So its hard trying to fight for what you really want.
So its hard to just tell yourself everything is okay when you know they are not.
But sometimes I wonder, when... will all this end.

Though more and more this silence reign
This tying bond has finally lain

Was life worth more than just loving you

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