Friday, March 27, 2009

An unforgettable fragment of memory

Hello World. Gwen is back from her totally awesome, exhausting, great sports day.
Since 5 in the morning, I finally got to take a bath at 9 o'clock just now.
Running water is good to calm the tensed sinew you know.
Anyway, yes there is much to blog about today.
And I'm sorry for the previous post. A little too much?
Will take it off soon.
Remember to stop the music and scroll down to the very end of this post when you're done. :)

Firstly, yellow house did not win for pom-pom.
Yes, I am very VERY disappointed.
I actually was hoping that we could win this year again.
Blue house won. As in blue house.
The house that was never close to touching 2nd place beat yellow and green house at cheer.
Can you actually believe it???
It was surprising and yea, we talked alot about it.
We also thought Nicola's really cool formasi willl sapu this year because of the music.
They got 3rd.
Not even second. What is the world becoming.
Blind or something??? Or they absolutely have no sense in judging at all.
I want demand a recount.
But congratulations to blue house anyway.
They really blew us away.

Padang was really muddy. And cheer was kinda hard because of the muddy ground.
Stunts all became extra dangerous, and LaiYee and Ashley couldn't do they astounding front walk or walkover or whatever you wish to call it.
Juliet slipped on her way up to baski but thank goodness she went up.
You could actually see mud flying from their shoe when they did the flip flip thingi.
And yes, when ashley did her toe touch baski. Mud mud mud. and h2o. :)
Stupid mud and its wet wet grass and dirty dirty things inside.
Poor marching people. Especially green house. I really envy their courage.
Friends with mud now I guess.
I wanna see the video people!!!!!

Everything else was okay
Except for the flag which was dripping wet with mud.
And Sue Ann had some conflict with the flag so it wasn't as impressing as I pictured in my head.
All those practices, gone within 3 minutes.
Sports day is over.
Like they said, this soon shall pass.
Everything has to come and go I guess.
I'm gonna really miss sports day. I wonder do they still have sports day in college??

During add maths class, me, Wen and Meng Pei.
We were quickly copying down the questions, did the self test at lightning speed,
then we all put our heads down to sleep.
Yes it was funny though you aren't laughing.
I guess you can all this as some kind of inside joke.
Went 1u with Juat and had a really good talk. Its been a really long time since I've talked about my past.
Anway, Juliet came late today cuz she couldn't wake up.
But she had a perfectly good excuse. She slept at 3 yesterday.
We were shocked.
:"Juliet!!!! You should be getting your sleep!!! What were you doing???"
Then she took out these hankerchiefs for us. Hahaa.
All 11 of us. With sewn on names. :)
Yes, we were at awe. It was sweet.

For now, I'll just let pictures do the talking. :)

From right to left, 2007, 2008, 2009.
The one at the top with the blue ribbon was Blitzerz.

Charis from red house.

Su Jane and me. Hahaa

Yes, we failed at the attempt to be a bimbo

Andrea looks cute

The inseparable duos.


And Layyen :)

Yes, and Hannah.

My family. Well sort of.

I'm going to miss every one of you guys.

Amanda, Rittie, me and Sue Ann
The yellows, the green and the blue lion tamer.

Blue yellow green (er.. eunice??) red


Blue house show girl. hahaa

the cheerleader and the lion tamer.

Juat Lee. HAHAHA

- The end -

Isnt this insanely cool??
Done by Edmund Liew :)

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