Saturday, March 21, 2009

the greatest story ever told

Yesterday's mini concert was not bad.
James could really seriously put the pussycat doll's dancing to shame.
Hahaa. If you've been there.
I've never seen a guy stripper before.
Then, there was that really cool shuffling dance by some african american.
His dancing shuffling thing was really cool.
The guy Benedict could sing. He was okay.
And Alexis could sing too.
But the couple who sang the chinese song was okay.
Owh, I think my favourite was the chinese yoyo performance.
He could do it with one hand only.
How awesome is that???
Then he juggled three yoyos at once.
And the best, was when the lights were turned off and the yoyo had blinking lights on it.
So you could see the light thingi swinging left to right up to down at high speed.
He could do yoyo in the dark.
Hahaa.. That was entertaining. And thats talent.
Wait, I remember this drum guy who played the drum with his elbow. It was okay.
But not much of a performance. :)

Left a little earlier so I pretty much missed who became the winner.
We went to back to Aini's place and walk to the park.
Looking for someone.
But a bunch of form 3s were there.
Playing moonlight football.
Yes, half naked.
Kids nowadays.
And that sums up my night.

Sometimes I wondered if there was any chance at all.

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