Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Under this neverending rain

Gwyneth has very sad thoughts.
Fiction or not, her words are just so, hmm, how do you put it?
Anyway, school has resumed as usual and the holidays are coming down on us.
Yes cheer with me.
Pengetua was seen walking around the school, necktie in hand.
Not exactly, but it was definately an awkward moment when we saw him.
I'm now reading New Moon. AGAIN.
Yes again. I'm hooked, so unhook me.
I only read the few parts at the beginning, careful to skip the parts where the pain starts.
And the end.
Going to buy eclipse.
Yes I've read the book, but it doesn't hurt to read AGAIN right?

Cheer is still as tiring as ever.
I've finished my poms. :)
We're gonna have skirts again.
Woot Woot!

"I'm sorry"
"Of all things to apologize for"
"What should I apologize for"
"For nearly taking yourself away from me forever"

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