Wednesday, March 11, 2009

These mundane acts

I have not gone over to the lala side.
I will not repeat that.
I'm not lala.
Fine, I've repeated that. But thats to make sure I'm not lala.
Or am I?

Popiah and P.Tang is really getting on my nerves.
Who would have thought that I would scream at a teacher.
I was better educated.
But screw education when it does not cover teacher screaming at your face because she was deaf.
Breathing calmly.
Anyway, english forum was so screwed today.
P.Tang was so picky and naggy. And I guess that sums up to a PMS-ing teacher.
Even Zubaidah was better.
I'm so screwed.

SPM results coming out tomorrow yo.
Wenyi, its your last chance.
Admitting is the first step to recovery. :)

1 comment:

wenyi said...

yooo wei!Mr.tay didnt give me that chance:)